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Welcome to a unique and exciting space for brilliant and smart-minded women with a focus on ethics and compliance and a mission to EMPOWER ALL WOMEN, foster a culture of ethics, integrity, and compliance in all areas of life. Prioritizing women's mental health, legal rights, and professional growth in order to facilitate their overall EMPOWERMENT.


What Makes Us Unique

Connecting Inspiring Empowering

When grassroots women’s organizations provide vital services to their communities, women can build new skills, step up as leaders, and mobilize for rights-based policies. WEC Global, was founded on those principles, we present grassroot strategies that are innovative and intersectional, that meet immediate needs and create lasting change for all women.


JOIN The WEC Empowerment Program

At WEC Global, everything starts with you

The WEC Empowerment program supports women’s professional and personal growth through in-person and virtual programming, with a focus on compliance and ethics industry exploration, along with service activities to strengthen mental well-being, and mentoring sessions. It aims to build self-confidence, empower women in the workplace and communities, and raise awareness of mental health.

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WEC Members

WEC Membership has Benefits

Through our use of webinars, knowledge networking discussions, in-person empowering events, workshops, and Podcasts, and mentoring, we educate and empower women, with the goal of creating a stronger, more equitable, and more responsible society.